A new release, a new beginning

A couple of days ago something happened what I was waiting quite some time for – Microsoft released Office 365 for enterprise. Now, I am an Office 365 user for a long time; however, being a P1 customer did have some limitations which were bugging me. Being unable to upgrade to E1 (enterprise plan) was one of them. I was just waiting for a moment Microsoft releases a new wave of Office 365 services so I can upgrade and migrate at the same time – and here they are!

I grabbed my opportunity and decided to move on, to leave the old platform behind and to embrace a new one. I knew for some time now that moving my public home page will require a complete redesign. A Photoshop mockup was done and waiting to be HTML’ed and CSS’ed since October 2012. So, I took some time during a last few days and finally did it.

A new SharePoint 2013 Design Manager is a really a neat thing. It did the whole job for me so I didn’t have to do the master page myself. Still, I did have to customize my CSS to support some SharePoint controls, like the navigation for example.

The design is still buggy and not completely done yet. It will get better with the time. But I do hope, it is a good starting point. Still, I decided to move on. It was a time for a change. And I am happy that I did it. Last few days of a hard work did pay off, I believe.

Welcome to my new homepage!

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