KulenDayz 2013

I am thrilled to announce that I will be presenting on KulenDayz 2013, one of the coolest conferences in the Balkan region. The conference will take place in the wonderful city of Osijek, Croatia, from September 13 – 15, 2013. To quote the organizers and participants on the previous conferences: “We like to think of Kulendayz as the Unconference, and in the good mood from the main part at Saturday we will organize a day trip to Aljmaš and Ilok at Sunday. Nearby winery Janečić will host traditional grape harvest and wine tasting.”. This means that lot of constructive and informative sessions are guaranteed. Add great food, drinks, sightseeing and good and crazy peeps to hang out with to it and you’ll get a full-packed weekend you’ll not easily forget.

What’s my part in it? I will try something different this time. The session type is called “Chalk & Talk”, completely old school, without a projector, PowerPoint or similar. Only a good old whiteboard, a marker, you and me. I will be talking about software projects, planning, adoption and governance. I’ll be happy to see you there!​

For more information, please visit the official homepage at http://www.kulendayz.com/

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