Where the heck the Windows Phone 8.1 support for Passbook went away?!

Really, Microsoft? Come on!

Windows Phone 8.1 introduced support for the iPhone / iOS Passbook files. I was really glad to see this because this was something I was really jealous about on iFruit users. It was introduced with the Developer Preview and it was carried along to the RTM.

But, a couple of days ago, I installed an update for Windows Phone 8.1. Just for the record, I’m running now 8.10.12397.895 bits. I install updates because they do tend to fix stuff and bring new functionalities. But, as it turns out, they tend to break stuff as well (oh no, really?!).

At the first, I haven’t realize that there are any issues with the update. And to be honest, since I got my first Windows Phone (November 2010), I never, ever had any issues with any update. But as I checked in for a flight tomorrow and wanted to add a Passbook file to the Wallet, I got a message that I need an app for the .pkpass file. Now, I can’t add new Passbook files but I can open ones which are already present in the Wallet, so it seems that only file association is broken and the functionality is still there!

I hope this will get fixed in the next update. Stay tuned, I’ll update the article as soon as I get a new info on this topic.

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