Cannot assign a domain for a SharePoint Online public website? You are not alone. [Updated]

Update: The UI change was a move toward the depreciation of the Public Website feature. Old customers will have the access to the Public Website feature for next two years. New customers won’t have this function offered anymore. For more information, please visit the knowledge base article Information about upcoming changes to SharePoint Online Public Website (
Microsoft puts a lot of effort in improving user experience and adding new features to the Office 365, on almost a daily basis. I see a lot of things moving and changing for a better. If you are “brave enough” you can even opt-in for a First Release and you’ll get newest Office 365 features in a matter of days and not weeks.
Some things can go wrong, though. Microsoft updated their domain management UI recently and it brings troubles. If you recently created a new tenant and trying to configure domains for use with Office 365, you may experience a nasty issue. The problem occurs when you try to configure domain purpose for use with SharePoint Online (public homepage). If you are unlucky enough to have to work with the new UI you’ll see following:
Add DNS wizard – New UI
Well, you can search for as long as you want – SharePoint Online option is missing! So, no domain assignment for SharePoint Online for you. Bad luck? Luckily, there is a workaround: Simply use the old UI for adding domain.
First of all, delete the domain you want to use for the public homepage (e.g. from Office 365. Once you’ve done that, go to the following URL:
This will start the old version of the wizard. Just follow the lead, re-add the (sub)domain and during the process you will be able to configure domain for use with SharePoint Online. Just bear in mind that, once you complete the wizard, that’s it. If you want to reconfigure the newly created domain from any reason, you will be presented with the new, buggy UI. Messing around with the new UI with domains assigned to SharePoint Online can break things so avoid doing this.
As far as I can tell, old tenants are not (yet) impacted. I hope Microsoft will sort out this bug before rolling out the new UI to all tenants.

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