Increase your OneDrive for Business storage to 5 TB per user

Wait, what?

Let’s see what you can do with it. Roughly speaking, you would have enough space to store 85.000 hours of music. Or 1.500 hours of video. Our 1.500.000 pictures of your cat. Or millions of documents.

You can increase the storage quota for OneDrive for Business to 5 TB for quite some time now. However, it’s not always that clear nor self-evident. To get it, you’ll need two things:

  • One of the following plans:
    • Office 365 Enterprise E3 or E5
    • Office 365 for Education
    • OneDrive for Business Plan 2
    • SharePoint Online Plan 2
  • 5 or more licensed users

To increase the quota, go to the OneDrive Admin Center and increase the default storage size to 5120 GB.


Note though, that this will only affect OneDrive for Business sites and users created after this configuration change. To modify settings for the existing users, you’ll have to use PowerShell.

First of all, you’ll have to download and install SharePoint Online Management Shell. Then, start it, connect to your tenant and execute the following cmdlet. Repeat the procedure for all users you want to increase the storage for.

Set-SPOSite -Identity {user's OD4B site url} `
            -StorageQuota {storage quota in MB}


Now, cat jokes aside, you have to consider one more thing. You will get 5 TB of storage but keep in mind the number of files you are syncing. Although you could theoretically go up to 30 million items, it’s not recommended to go over 300.000 files, at least per current recommendations for the OneDrive for Business sync client. And that’s in total, for all libraries you’re synchronizing.

More information

SharePoint Online Management Shell


Restrictions and limitations when you sync files and folders

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